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Turmeric donkey milk soap for skin

Turmeric donkey milk soap for skin!

Turmeric donkey milk soap for skin!

Turmeric donkey milk soap is often promoted for its potential anti-aging benefits due to the combination of its key ingredients: turmeric and donkey milk.

When combined in a soap formulation, turmeric and donkey milk can work synergistically to provide multiple benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation, improving skin tone, promoting collagen production, and hydrating the skin.

Is Aging a natural process that has been programmed into the body? Or is a consequence of accumulated damage over time? Ultimately, aging is a result of complex interactions between physiology, genetics, biochemistry and behaviour. Why Turmeric donkey milk soap as behaviour can be used for anti-aging skin? Want you to know why? Then read more…

Why you can stay yang with turmeric donkey milk soap?

Since ageing cannot be avoided, one can always opt for healthy ageing.

People come back to the nature to find out what is that, that can delay the ageing to their skin and all their body, so they can look and stay yang.

Scientists looking back to the history they find out that donkey milk for example was used from the Egyptian queen Cleopatra to maintain her beauty!

Why Cleopatra used to bath in donkey milk daily? What are the benefits of donkey milk?

Turmeric donkey milk soap benefits

Donkeys milk adds creaminess to your skin.

Hydrates and softens skin

Donkey’s milk has a pH level very close to the pH level of human’s skin, it helps to moisturize and keep the skin’s oils in balance.

Reduces skin irritations.

It is especially high in Vitamin A, which is crucial in repairing damaged skin tissue and maintaining healthy skin.

Erases wrinkles in the skin.

The product possesses a verified anti-wrinkle effect, eliminates wrinkles and prevents these from appearing product of the passing of time in the skin, face and neck.

Turmeric donkey milk soap

Regenerates skin.

Is regenerative for the skin because of high levels of protein, phospholipides and ceramides, which in turn confer it with both soothing and restructuring properties.

Provides a natural anti-aging skin care.

Donkeys milk rich composition with high protein levels of phospholipids and vitamins A, B, C, D and E make it excellent for anti-aging, wrinkle treatment, restructuring and regenerating facial with excellent results.

It protects from the ever-present danger of bacterial infections

Helps people with eczema, neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

Also helps yang people with skin allergies or acne.

Acne is a nightmare for yang people but not anymore after using the donkey milk soaps.

Alternative to cow’s milk for children with milk protein allergy. More recently, studies show that donkey milk could serve as an alternative to cow’s milk for children with milk protein allergy.

Scientists also found out that turmeric donkey milk soap delays also the signs of ageing!

What are the benefits of turmeric that can delay the signs of ageing?

Turmeric donkey milk soap benefits for your skin!

Wrinkles and sagging of skin occur generally due to loss of collagen (a structural protein that maintains a firm tissue), loss of fat tissue and gravitational force acting on the skin.

Contains Curcumin which is rich in antioxidants. Curcuminoids present in turmeric are strong antioxidants. Curcumin has antioxidant activity comparable to that of Vitamin C and E. They can reduce wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Has an inhibitory effect on UV induced skin damage.

Curcumin Soothes Burns. Turmeric donkey milk soap

Can provide quick relief in case of burns, thanks to curcuma’s antiseptic properties.

It can remove skin tanning and pigmentation. This should be done using Turmeric donkey milk soap regularly for beneficial results.

This spice in Donkey Milk soap can rid you of dead cells to give you a glowing and spotless skin. Applying also curcuma Donkey Milk on your face and lips can cleanse your face as well as act as a healing agent for your lips to treat dry and chapped lips.

Heals the cracked heels faster and makes them softer.

In combination of Donkey Milk, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil and coconut oil, which they make a perfect soap helps to keep acne away and also helps to heal acne.

Women with oily skin will love Curcuma Donkey Milk soap because curcumin in donkey milk soap controls the oily skin.

Curcuma Donkey Milk soap is beneficial for oily skin as it regulates the production of sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands. Sandalwood acts as an astringent and orange juice, being a source of vitamin C, helps clear the blemishes.

Donkey Milk soap with curcuma helps to keep the skin looking young and fresh. As it contains many antioxidants, it is great for aging skin. It helps stimulate new cell growth and help keep the skin’s elasticity intact. And improves Skin’s Elasticity.

Why El Greco Turmeric donkey milk soap?

Turmeric donkey milk soap for skin

A gentle and moisturizing soap base can help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier, preventing dryness and irritation, which can contribute to premature aging.

Putting together the benefits of donkey milk and Turmeric we made the perfect soap bar for your skin body and hair with all anti-ageing skin benefits.

For a cosmetic to be a genuine organic natural product, at least 95% of its ingredients must be natural. In addition these ingredients must be extracted using natural methods and subjected to minimum processing.

Organic Natural Donkey milk Cosmetics avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, irradiation, genetically modified organisms, and animal testing. Most of their ingredients are produced through organic agriculture

We handcraft our Natural organic donkey milk soaps using the slow cold process method, which means no external heat is used so the goodness of the natural ingredients are preserved for you as much as possible.

Donkey milk is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin C), minerals, and proteins. These nutrients can nourish and hydrate the skin, promoting a youthful appearance. Donkey milk also contains a compound called lysozyme, which has antimicrobial properties and can help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Great for all skin types. Turmeric donkey milk soap

Great for all skin types, sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

Each bar of our Natural Organic Donkey’s milk soap begins with Donkey milk as key ingredient, a high percentage of nutrient rich organic extra virgin olive oil, for its well-known superior skin care properties, to which we add organic coconut oil for fluffy lather, sustainable organic palm oil to increase longevity, and organic castor oil for a dense creamy lather that conditions and moisturizes.

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Donkey milk soaps have a natural alluring aphrodisiac aroma. They get their color and the aroma of the natural ingredients we add in such as lavender, oatmeal, curcuma, and honey. Other than that they also reduce muscle stiffness, sprains & other physical aches.

We add the above mentioned natural ingredients to give the natural colors, the aroma and transfer the properties of these ingredients to the final products – the El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps improve skin elasticity, helping to reduce visibility of scars & stretch marks.

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps leave your skin gently cleansed & lightly perfumed as you leave the bath.

El Greco Cosmetic’s Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps are used to reduce greasy skin, while soothing dry, sensitive & irritated skin.

Get relaxed and tension free by using El Greco Cosmetic’s Donkey milk soaps.

El Greco Cosmetic’s Organic Turmeric Donkey milk soap

Are you ready to use El Greco Cosmetic’s Organic Donkey milk soaps for your skin, hair and all your body?

The only thing you need to do to get started is to visit our website and buy some straight from our web shop.

Using Natural Organic Donkey milk soap is a convenient way to treat your skin to all of its miraculous benefits.

Our donkey milk soaps are handcrafted using fresh milk from the donkeys of our farm.

How can you use Donkey’s milk soap? …Lather soap onto hands or a washcloth and apply to your face and body.

For centuries the wonderful properties of natural organic donkey milk soap have been known, praised, experienced and enjoyed. Isn’t it about time you started enjoying these benefits too?

Test it! Turmeric donkey milk soap

The best way to find out is to put it to the test! Purchase some bars of our handmade natural organic oatmeal donkey milk soaps, or Curcuma Natural organic donkey milk soaps, or lavender Natural organic donkey milk soaps or Honey Natural organic donkey milk soaps or our pure natural organic Donkey milk soaps, which are all with coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and castor oil, from our e-shop of our website and give them a try.

I can assure you, the experience will be well worth it. you will get all organic donkey milk soap with castor oil benefits.

We are sending our handmade natural donkey milk soaps free of post charge worldwide if your purchase is €50 or more.

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