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Donkey milk The white gold in a soap01

Donkey milk the white gold in a soap!

Donkey milk The white gold in a soap01

Donkey milk the white gold in a soap!

Donkey milk was used until the early twentieth century as a substitute for milk. More recently, studies show that donkey milk could serve as an alternative to cow’s milk for children with milk protein allergy. Donkey milk the white gold in a soap.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, extolling the virtues of donkey milk. There are also records of its popularity in ancient Rome, and it was used medicinally in France up to the 20th century. In other words, drinking donkey milk is not unprecedented.

The most famous of the great days of yore who regularly bathed in donkey’s milk is certainly Cleopatra, Greek, queen of Egypt to maintain her beauty. The legend says that there should be no less than 700 donkeys to provide the quantity of milk needed for daily baths.

Compared to other types of animal milk, the donkey variety is actually closest to human breast milk, based on its pH level and nutritional makeup.

Donkey milk also contains less total fat than cow’s milk, and packs more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Natural substances in donkey milk have been shown to enhance immunity, which may be helpful for people with conditions like asthma, eczema, or psoriasis.

Is Donkey milk the white gold in a soap?

Donkey milk the Greek skin care secret is not a secret if it’s been around since ancient times. Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap does a body good both inside and out. We’ve heard of goat’s milk helping skin be supple, soft and smooth. But donkey milk? Ssshh don’t talk too loudly but donkey’s milk is the next best thing for the woman’s complexion. Remember the sex goddess Cleopatra? She was notorious for soaking in whole tubs of donkey’s milk.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap is known to be gentle and soothing for those with sensitive skin and eczema, and has four to five times more vitamin C than cow’s milk and is rich in proteins.

Sensitive skin, who have an allergic reaction to many care more easily tolerate cream with donkey milk.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap is regenerative for the skin because of high levels of protein, phospholipides and ceramides, which in turn confer it with both soothing and restructuring properties.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap possesses a verified anti-wrinkle effect, eliminates wrinkles and prevents these from appearing product of the passing of time in the skin, face and neck. On the other hand, Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap eliminates and reduces the signs of expression.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soap is also powerful tensor and hidratator of the skin.

Donkey milk soap reduces skin irritations, it hydrates and softens skin and provides a natural anti-aging skin care. Donkey milk soap is excellent for facial and body care. It is excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin and those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis or acne.

All the above can make me to say that Donkey milk is the white gold in a soap

Where can you find donkey milk soaps?

We by El Greco Handmade natural cosmetics specialize in production of handmade natural cosmetics. All our products are based in Donkey milk which comes directly from the donkeys of our own farm.

By this way we can guarantee quality supply of the most important ingredient: Donkey Milk!

Our products at the moment are:

Natural Donkey milk soap

Curcuma Donkey milk soap

Lavender Donkey milk soap

Honey Donkey milk soap

Oat meal scrub Donkey milk soap

All our Donkey milk soaps are all natural handmade soaps for Facial care, Body care and Hair care.

Here at El Greco Handmade Natural Cosmetics, our organic handmade soaps are all made from sustainable and renewable resources, and are expeller pressed and refined.

Want you to feel the benefits of our handmade organic donkey milk soaps? Then click here to explore the benefits of our natural soaps with Donkey Milk. Give them the chance to work their magic for your body. Buy our soaps. They are all made of coconut oil and other natural vegetable oils such as olive oil, castor oil and palm oil.

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