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the top reasons to use natural cosmetics

The Top Reasons to use Natural cosmetics!

the top reasons to use natural cosmetics

The Top Reasons to use Natural cosmetics!

Cosmetics are essential beauty items used by women all over the world, and many females are in no hurry to ditch this daily necessity. While choosing to wear cosmetics may help enhance one’s personal appearance and self esteem, it also exposes the wearer to a range of health concerns. Research is beginning to reveal that some ingredients in beauty and personal care products may be linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, sparking outrage among many professionals in the health and wellness communities. Fortunately, effective alternatives to chemically-produced makeup and beauty products are the Natural Cosmetics which are available to fight these growing health concerns.

What are the Top Reasons to use Natural Cosmetics?

  1. Eco Friendly

Conventional beauty products utilize petroleum-based ingredients and usually rely on a host of other chemicals for their production process. These compounds are typically harsh substances, like petroleum, aluminum, and lead, all of which require extensive mining.

Choosing natural cosmetics is one of the best ways to prevent exposure to this dangerous compound.

  1. No Harsh Chemicals

Although they may be effective for improving appearance, albeit temporarily, the chemicals in conventional cosmetics are often very harsh on skin and may promote irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. A reddish and haggard hue is certainly not going to help you look your best! More importantly, many of the chemicals used in non-organic cosmetics are downright poisonous to the endocrine system. Parabens and phthalates are two common examples of substances that are used extensively in cosmetics. Both of these compounds have been linked to cancer.

  1. Natural Fragrance

Many people shop with their nose when it comes to personal care products, similarly to the way most people “eat with their eyes” before actually placing any of the food into their mouths. The two human senses will usually help determine a product’s worthiness in the minds of consumers. Scents in the majority of beauty products consist of a mixture of chemicals, and these chemicals can be inhaled throughout the day by people who wear such beauty products.

Man-made aromas expose the body to a number of toxic effects, and some research has linked them to cancer, nervous system disorders, allergies, and birth defects. Not only do humans inhale these chemicals into their lungs, they also expose their skin to these toxic compounds. When choosing beauty products, always make sure that the scents are derived from 100% natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, or palm oil. Essential oils are perhaps one of the best natural perfumes in the world and the most concentrated in terms of aroma.

  1. Nutrient-Rich

Your skin has the ability to absorb certain compounds; however, a protective barrier is able to keep dangerous compounds, to some degree, out of the body. Even then, research still concludes that personal care products, when applied topically, can damage bodily systems and lead to untold health consequences. One of the key rules for cosmetics, and any beauty product is basic and straightforward: if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.

Olive oil is one of the leading natural moisturizers out there, providing essential fatty acids for healthy, youthful skin. Natural cosmetics, especially Donkey milk soaps, have olive oil or various nutrient-rich oils such as previous mentioned to provide a smoother, more youthful look. Coffee grounds or cinnamon provide  antioxidant protection and may inhibit collagenase and elastase, two enzymes that break down the integrity and elasticity of the skin. Aside from allergies, you can’t go wrong when choosing a cosmetic that contains added nutritive components and herbal extracts.

  1. Protection from Premature Aging

Natural cosmetics made with natural ingredients generally provides a certain level of sun protection. The skin on the face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-related skin aging, so choosing a natural-rich organic cosmetic product may help support healthy, youthful-looking skin. Three common organic mineral ingredients are:

  • Titanium oxide: Provides SPF 15 protection against the sun’s harmful effects.
  • Zinc oxide: Protects against both UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) types of light.
  • Iron oxide: Also provides ultraviolet light protection.

Many herbal extracts also provide antioxidant protection, and vitamin C has been demonstrated to provide sun-shielding benefits. Choose natural cosmetics such as Natural Donkey milk Soaps that contain these ingredients if at all possible, especially during the summer when the sun is at its strongest.

  1. Gentle on Your Skin

Natural organic cosmetics they’re gentler on the skin. Of course, this statement is really just a summary of the other five reasons you should choose organic cosmetics. Why on earth would you want to use harsh chemicals on your skin that are not only dangerous to both your health and the earth, but also rough on your skin?

How can it be beautifying to use a product that dries your skin, making it look tired and dull? Even if there’s a temporary benefit from chemical-based cosmetics, that benefit comes at a cost: your future beauty. Do you want your skin to age prematurely? Do you want to increase your risk of suffering from a chronic disease? There’s certainly nothing beautiful about that!

Soaps are used to clean contaminants and residue from skin that could affect skin health, and even overall health.  Although the majority of us buy commercial soaps, you can also try to use homemade natural soap, which is sometimes more appropriate for skin and family hygiene.

There are plants and natural ingredients that can be used to create homemade soaps that can be useful while personalizing your soaps.

One advantage of homemade soaps is that one can be more sure about their ingredients.  You can control what they are made of, and adapt them to your own necessities.

Hand Crafted Natural Cosmetics and their properties for health and beauty

White Natural soap: re-hydrates, smooths, regenerates, cleans, and protects the skin.  It is extraordinary for curing skin infections, helps remove pimples, blackheads, excess oil, rashes, etc.  Very effective at treating acne.

Donkey milk soap: this soap if perfect for oily skin or skin with acne.  It regulates and maintains the skin’s natural fatty acid balance, and moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily.

Oatmeal scrub donkey milk soap: exfoliating, has softening and cleansing properties.  Recommended for delicate skin types.

Honey Donkey milk soaps : recommended for oily skin types.  Hydrates and refreshes.

Lavender donkey milk soap : this soap’s properties are recommended to help heal wounds on the face, as well as smoothing, moisturizing, and regenerating tissues.  Cleanses and repairs skin.

Curcuma donkey milk soap: the recommended soaps for dry skin.  Smooths and hydrates.

In today’s market there are endless amounts of hand-crafted soaps with very diverse properties and applications for health and beauty.  You can choose whichever is best for you.  If you are going to purchase one, always make sure that the soap contains high-quality ingredients.

Why El Greco Organic Donkey milk Natural cosmetics?

For a cosmetic to be a genuine organic natural product, at least 95% of its ingredients must be natural. In addition these ingredients must be extracted using natural methods and subjected to minimum processing.

Organic Natural Donkey milk Cosmetics avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial preservatives, irradiation, genetically modified organisms, and animal testing. Most of their ingredients are produced through organic agriculture

We handcraft our Natural organic donkey milk soaps using the slow cold process method, which means no external heat is used so the goodness of the natural ingredients are preserved for you as much as possible.

Great for all skin types, sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

Each bar of our Natural Organic Donkey’s milk soap begins with Donkey milk as key ingredient, a high percentage of nutrient rich organic extra virgin olive oil, for its well-known superior skin care properties, to which we add organic coconut oil for fluffy lather, sustainable organic palm oil to increase longevity, and organic castor oil for a dense creamy lather that conditions and moisturizes.

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Donkey milk soaps have a natural alluring aphrodisiac aroma. They get their color and the aroma of the natural ingredients we add in such as lavender, oatmeal, curcuma, and honey. Other than that they also reduce muscle stiffness, sprains & other physical aches.

We add the above mentioned natural ingredients to give the natural colors, the aroma and transfer the properties of these ingredients to the final products – the El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps improve skin elasticity, helping to reduce visibility of scars & stretch marks.

El Greco Cosmetics Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps leave your skin gently cleansed & lightly perfumed as you leave the bath.

El Greco Cosmetic’s Natural Organic Donkey milk soaps are used to reduce greasy skin, while soothing dry, sensitive & irritated skin.

Get relaxed and tension free by using El Greco Cosmetic’s Donkey milk soaps.

Are you ready to use El Greco Cosmetic’s Organic Donkey milk soaps for your skin, hair and all your body?

The only thing you need to do to get started is to visit our website and buy some straight from our web shop.

Using Natural Organic Donkey milk soap is a convenient way to treat your skin to all of its miraculous benefits.

Our donkey milk soaps are handcrafted using fresh milk from the donkeys of our farm.

How can you use Donkey’s milk soap? …Lather soap onto hands or a washcloth and apply to your face and body.

For centuries the wonderful properties of natural organic donkey milk soap have been known, praised, experienced and enjoyed. Isn’t it about time you started enjoying these benefits too?

The best way to find out is to put it to the test! Purchase some bars of our handmade natural organic oatmeal donkey milk soaps, or Curcuma Natural organic donkey milk soaps, or lavender Natural organic donkey milk soaps or Honey Natural organic donkey milk soaps or our pure natural organic Donkey milk soaps, which are all with coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and castor oil, from our e-shop of our website and give them a try.

I can assure you, the experience will be well worth it.

We are sending our handmade natural donkey milk soaps free of post charge worldwide if your purchase is €50 or more.

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