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Why Donkey milk soaps are more than a trend01

Why Donkey milk soaps are more than a trend?

Why Donkey milk soaps are more than a trend01

Why Donkey milk soaps are more than a trend?

Donkey milk soaps contain Donkey milk.

Donkey’s milk is a close relative of human milk, same in its PH.

As long ago as 460BC “the father of medicine”, Hippocrates, proscribed the nectar of the beast of burden for anything from snake bites to nosebleeds.

Donkey’s milk is a very old trend!!

Now, to be clear, donkey’s milk is definitely not a new thing. Pope Francis says he was fed donkey’s milk as a baby, and it’s also often used in beauty products.

Ancient Greeks were said to feed it to their children, while stories from the time of the Romans tell of donkey milk being used as a cosmetic to soften the skin.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps has also regenerative and healing properties. That’s why Cleopatra, Greek queen of Egypt actually bathed in donkey’s milk, which helped her maintain her beauty. It is said that, 700 donkeys had to be used to get enough milk for one bath per day.

But 2016 might be the year donkey’s milk really makes it big. It could be the next oat milk, for you too!! Get on board.

Why Donkey milk Soap?

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps is generally believed that Donkey milk effaces wrinkles in the face, renders the skin more delicate, and preserves its whiteness: and it is a well-known fact, that some women are in the habit of washing their face with it seven times daily, strictly observing that number.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps does contain cassein, albumin, fat, lactose, salt and water, all very useful, and it rich in vitamins, like a, b1, b2, b6, d, c and e. Vitamin c is great in keeping your skin young. Due to all this it is an excellent moisturizer, effective anti-age treatment.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps turns out to be a great cosmetic benefit with great results.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps is rich in milk protein.

Donkey’s milk turns out to be a great cosmetic benefit with great results.

Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps softens skin and helps keep its elasticity and natural tone. Donkey milk in Donkey milk soaps enriches skin to maintain elasticity and vitality, allowing for a younger looking skin.

Benefits of donkey’s milk soap holds great cosmetic virtues.

Donkey’s milk soap is especially good for sensitive skin. Those people with allergic reactions to many ingredients.

For those who cannot tolerate some perfumes and chemicals they can easily tolerate cream with donkey milk. The milk of donkeys when used on soap, has shown that it can be regenerative for the skin.

This is because of its high levels of protein, phospholipides and ceramides. This translates to a soothing feeling with restructuring properties.

Donkey’s milk in Donkey milk soaps also possesses anti-wrinkle effect, eliminates wrinkles and prevents these from appearing product of the passing of time in the skin, face and neck..

Exfoliation, although not a scrub the tiny oatmeal pieces helps eliminate dead skin, however it is very mild. It can be safely used on the face and neck where exfoliating agents can harm sensitive skin.

Donkey milk soap reduces skin irritations, it hydrates and softens skin and provides a natural anti-aging skin care. This soap is excellent for facial and body care. It is excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin and those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis or acne.

Want to reveal Cleopatra’s secret?

As Cleopatra bathed in milk, now you can get the benefits of donkey milk by using our Donkey milk soaps every day.

If you have never tried Donkey Milk Soap you are in for a real treat. Your skin will thank you.

All our Donkey milk soaps are all natural handmade soaps for Facial care, Body care and Hair care.

Here at El Greco Handmade Natural Cosmetics, our organic handmade soaps are all made from sustainable and renewable resources, and are expeller pressed and refined.

Want you to feel the benefits of our handmade organic donkey milk soaps? Then click here to explore the benefits of our natural soaps with Donkey Milk. Give them the chance to work their magic for your body. Buy our soaps. They are all made of coconut oil and other natural vegetable oils such as olive oil, castor oil and palm oil.

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