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donkeys milk

Donkeys milk. Reveal the secrets of Donkeys milk for your beauty!

donkeys milk

Donkeys milk. Reveal the secrets of Donkeys milk for your beauty!

Donkeys milk as the key ingredient of Donkeys milk soap, has been recognized for its medical values since ancient times.

Hippocrates The Greek ancient God of health, used the Donkeys milk as a panacea for many ailments and Cleopatra bathed in ass’s milk to soften her skin and reduce wrinkles.

Reveal the secrets of Donkeys milk soap for your beauty!

In our days this “white Gold” makes a comeback.

Many of the above properties have now been proven scientifically. Recently published studies have confirmed an anti-wrinkle and firming action as well as healing and moisturising effects.

Health Benefits Of Donkeys Milk

1.Donkey Milk in Donkey milk soap has high volumes of vitamin B, B12, C and nutrients in it.

  1. Donkey Milk in Donkey milk soap is equal to that of breast milk with high volumes of calories and minerals as that of buffalo milk.
  2. Donkey Milk in Donkey milk soap acts a good remedy to cure asthma and respiratory problems in newborns.
  3. Donkey Milk in Donkey milk soap is a good Ayurvedic medicine for new born who are suffering from asthma, throat infections and tuberculosis.
  4. Donkey Milk in Donkeys milk soap is poor in proteins and fats but rich in minerals and vitamins.
  5. Researchers have found that the allergy that is caused due to cow’s milk can be cured well by giving donkeys milk.
  6. When compared to human milk it has more than 60 times vitamin C content in it.
  7. Donkeys Milk is one of the good ingredients for Probiotic and healing foods.
  8. The best alternatives for cow’s milk are goats and sheep’s milk to safeguard a kid from cow milk allergies.

Why El Greco donkeys milk soaps?

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