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Why handmade natural soaps are better than Store Bought ones?

Why handmade natural soaps are better than Store Bought ones01

Why handmade natural Soaps are better than Store Bought ones?

This is the primary question I am asked, and love to discuss, with individuals browsing our handmade natural Donkey milk soaps. Why are handmade natural Soaps better than Store Bought Soap?

With brand-name soap companies spending millions each year on misleading advertising, it’s understandable why a consumer may question.

Store bought or “commercial” soaps (detergents) are regularly advertised as “All Natural” when in fact, the ingredients can be identified as synthetic compounds such as chemical hardeners, foaming agents and fragrances.

Even though a soap is marketed as natural, doesn’t mean it’s all natural or good for your skin.

The best way for a consumer to know that a product is natural, unadulterated and safe is to read the labels and ask questions.

Just for fun, let’s review a handful of reasons why handmade natural donkey milk soaps are better than store bought soaps in our opinion. Shall we….

For what reasons handmade natural soaps are better than Store Bought Soaps?

Reason #1: Handmade natural donkey milk soap Contains Glycerin.

Glycerin is a natural skin emollient (skin softener) that attracts water from the surrounding air. Because of this, glycerin is highly prized in soaps, lotions and creams for maintaining moisture in the skin throughout the day.

Vegetable oils contain between 7-13% of glycerin as a part of their natural chemical makeup.

During the soap making process, the oils and lye blend together to form soap while the natural glycerin maintains its integrity as glycerin and basically settles in between the soap molecules.

Too much glycerin and the soap will become mushy and disintegrate quickly. Too little glycerin and the soap becomes very harsh and drying to the skin.

Typical commercial soaps have had all of the glycerin removed and placed into additional products such as lotions and creams. The reason is instead of buying one product that will clean AND moisturize, (such as handmade natural donkey milk soap) a consumer now has to buy two products to serve the same purpose, thus, an increase in profit for the company.

When profit is placed as a higher priority than quality of life, the consumer is the one who suffers.

By removing the glycerin, commercial soaps take on a skin-moisture-stripping quality that will dry the skin and leave it vulnerable to cracking and flaking. But that’s not all….

Reason #2: Our Handmade natural donkey milk soaps do not Contain “Fragrance”

It is not required that the ingredients used to develop a company’s trademark “fragrance” to be disclosed on the label. This means that your “fresh rain” or “cherry blossom” scented soap could contain hundreds of harmful chemicals without your knowledge. Some of these chemical concoctions have been found to be skin irritants and known carcinogens.

Our Handmade natural donkey milk soaps are made all of natural vegetable oils such as olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and palm oil and are scented with only 100% pure essential oils such as lavender essential oil. This means that not only are you getting an awesome aroma every time you use the soap, but you also benefit from the therapeutic properties each natural vegetable and essential oil offers.

Each of these above oils is chosen for its special characteristics that it gives to the soap.

Olive oil

Olive oil in donkey milk soap makes a gentle soap that’s kind to the skin.

Olive oil in donkey milk soap is Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and K, antioxidants and phenols.

Olive oil in donkey milk soap contains 70% monounsaturated fatty acid.

Olive oil in donkey milk soap contains polyphenol which helps in stronger cell walls.

Olive oil in donkey milk soap is anti-inflamed,

Olive oil in donkey milk soap slows the natural aging process of the human body,

Olive oil in donkey milk soap protects the epidermis from external irritation,

Olive oil in donkey milk soap protects of skin cancer, it really helps to slow down growing older of the liver, and

Olive oil in donkey milk soap helps slow up the buildup from mostly synthetic hair care products and environmental impurities that leave your hair feeling brittle and dull.

Olive oil does wonders for the skin, which gets a natural shine and glow from the enriching oil.

Olive oil donkey milk soap is recommended to individuals who suffer with skin color rashes, eczema, psoriasis and allergies.


Coconut oil provides natural cleansing and bubbly lather.

It contains: 1) medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides, 2) Capric / Caprylic / Lauric acid, 3) Vitamin-E.

Coconut oil in donkey milk soap properties:

Retains moisture content of skin,

Protects skin from Microbial infections,

Delays the aging process,

Repairs skin and gives it a healthy grow, great skin softener,

Softens feet and clears the cracks, is good for several skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.


Palm oil in donkey milk soap makes a soap that is harder, yet cleans well and feels like you want soap to feel as you use it.

Palm oil in donkey milk soap contains Vitamins such as: very high Beta-carotene, A, D, and E, Beneficial in prevention of skin cancer.


Castor oil in donkey milk soap is Effective to make rich suds (foam) and moisturizing properties to the final product.

Castor oil in donkey milk soap Protects scalp from microbial infections and reduces hair fall, Useful for treating skin diseases caused by microbial infections and skin ulcers, Effective of treatment rheumatism, arthritis and gout.

Lavender donkey milk soap lends it’s relaxation and skin repair qualities, and curcuma donkey milk soap lends it’s invigorating and antimicrobial qualities.

These above oils are carefully blended together to produce a superior handcrafted soap.

So let’s see, harmful unknown chemicals or therapeutic vegetable and essential oils…. we’ll stick with oils thank you!

Reason #3: Our Donkey milk Soaps are made the Old-Fashioned Way.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing, and did it for thousands of years – why change it!

Our Donkey milk soaps are made using the Cold Process method – just like the old-folks used to do it.

We mix lye with donkey milk, then blend it with oils, then add essential oils such as lavender essential oil and natural colorants such as curcuma, honey, cinnamon or oatmeal, and finally, pour it into molds to make it nice and pretty. (of course the very simplified tutorial).

We make our donkey milk soaps in small batches of 40 bars at a time to allow us to carefully monitor and adjust the soap as needed. We consider the humidity in the air, the season we are in, the ambient temperature in the room and more to ensure that every batch is as perfect as it can be.

This method of hand-making natural donkey milk soap is of course, the opposite of commercial soap which is made on a large scale in factories.

Commercial soap is made using a continuous flow method with hundreds of hands on the process…or probably now a days, a hundred robot arms.

Once the soap base is produced, it is then mixed with a handful of fillers and chemicals such as Sodium Isethionate (a foam enhancer) and Dipropylene Glycol (a chemical solvent…why it’s needed…who knows) and then formed into molds.

Donkey milk Soap making is just like cooking, caring for a child or tending to the elderly – it all needs love, attention and time.

We feel our hands-on approach provides soap the love and attention it needs and know you can feel that energy once you use it. 

Reason #4: Our Handmade natural donkey milk soaps are Simply Amazing for your Skin!

Our Handmade natural Donkey milk soaps preserve the integrity of the oils. Coconut oil goes in, saponified (made into soap) coconut oil comes out. Castor oil goes in, castor oil comes out. Because of this, the oils maintain their vitamins, minerals and skin-loving qualities in the final soap product.

Why El Greco handmade natural soaps?

Our donkey milk soaps are handcrafted using fresh milk from the donkey’ s of our farm.

Great for all skin types, sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis.

How can you use Donkey’s milk soap? …Lather soap onto hands or a washcloth and apply to your face and body.

A skilled soap-maker like we in El Greco handmade natural cosmetics can modify our recipe to produce characteristics in the soap naturally instead of adding chemicals to achieve the same goal.

To make a harder bar of soap, adds more palm oil.

To make a thick-lathering soap, adds some castor oil.

As discussed above, commercial soap is likely to have the addition of synthetic chemicals to produce similar results and we feel, it simply is not needed.

But why take our word for it? The best way to find out is to put it to the test! Purchase some bars of handmade donkey milk soaps from our e-shop of our website and give them a try. I can assure you, the experience will be well worth it.

We are sending our handmade natural donkey milk soaps free of post charge worldwide if your purchase is €50 or more.

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