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Berad oil with Gardenia
Beard Oil with Gardenia

Beard Oil with Gardenia


Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Our Beard oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml is Great for all skin and hair types, sensitive skin, dry skin.
These oils are carefully blended together to produce a superior handcrafted Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.
Each of these oils is chosen for the special characteristics that give to the Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

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Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml

Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml

Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml. Great for all skin types and hair, sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis.


  • Argan oil
  • Aloe vera oil
  • Castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Glycerine
  • Vitamin E
  • Gardenia essential oil
    • Ingredients INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract/Capric Triglceride, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Gardenia Fragrance Oil

    Allergens: Gardenia Cybilla: Amyl Cinnamyl Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, Lilial, Lyral, Linalool

Our Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml is Great for all skin types, sensitive skin, dry skin, including people that have eczema or psoriasis.
These oils are carefully blended together to produce a superior handcraftedBeard Oil with Gardenia 50ml.

Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.
Each of these oils is chosen for the special characteristics that give to the Gardenia Beard hair & Body Oil.

Argan oil, Aloe vera oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Glycerine, Vitamin E.

Argan oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Berad oil with Gardenia

Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair and skin, which makes it a popular cosmetic choice for many celebrities. It’s not just for the rich and famous, though – anyone can reap the argan oil benefits for their body. Here are some of its most common uses.

It is easy to use all over the body, including the face and neck. Simply smooth a few drops into your skin using gentle rubbing motions, as you would any face and body lotion.

Hair Conditioner

Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.

Sleek and Shine Styling

Due to its ability to tame frizz and give hair shine, argan oil is also commonly used as a styling agent.


Not only does argan oil act as an effective moisturizer. It can also give to the skin a youthful glow and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant effect makes argan oil the ideal anti-aging product. It restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.

Dry Skin Conditions

People suffering from dry skin or conditions such as eczema which can leave skin raw, flaky and itchy will benefit immensely from argan oil. The vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil are excellent for repairing damaged skin and providing it with nutrients which will prevent further dryness and irritation. Argan oil also contains ingredients which soothe skin.

Protection and Healing

The antioxidants in argan oil are generally beneficial for healing skin which is irritated, cracked, damaged or even burned. It is best used as a preventive for dry or sore skin, but it can also be used to speed up healing. Its properties include reducing inflammation, soothing pain and increasing healing rate.

Aloe vera oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Solar and home burns:

Aloe Vera oil gives a good effect when used on sunburn and household skin burns. This will soothe and regenerate the skin, giving it a natural cooling effect. This is also a great natural remedy to cure allergies, insect bites, irritation, itching, and swelling.

Skin health:

Acne can be cured by a natural remedy using Aloe Vera oil. This can be used topically or internally to soften your skin and protect against infections. It can also cure eczema, acne, psoriasis, and skin ulcers. This is also applied on surgical wounds to curb infections and soften the wound. This can be helpful in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis and genital herpes observed in men.

Castor oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Castor oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant and is increasingly becoming an important bio-based raw material in various cosmetics, soaps, textiles, massage oils, and even medicines.

Castor oil contains 85-95% of a special type of monounsaturated fatty-acids called Ricinoleic acids, and this type of fat has been scientifically proven to increase hair density in laboratory animals by stimulating the production of prostaglandin E2, which is known to promote the thickness of the hair spewing out of follicles.

Castor oil is denser than most oils and it creates the visual impact of a thicker and denser beard, that in combination with its slight circulation boosting effect makes castor oil the perfect daily growth stimulating beard oil.

Heals Inflamed Skin

Castor oil is a boon when it comes to healing skin inflammation that can be caused by sunburns, acne, and dry skin.

Fights Signs Of Aging

One of the amazing castor oil benefits for skin is that when it is used topically, it can slow down aging

Moisturizes Skin

Castor oil leaves you with smooth, supple, and revitalized skin. So if you are looking for an inexpensive and natural skin moisturizer, you know what to reach out for!

Reduces Pigmentation

Castor oil is extremely good for clearing your skin of spots and marks. It is so effective that dermatologists recommend castor oil to treat uneven skin tone, spots, and marks because of its ability to reduce pigmentation.

Promotes Hair Growth

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for promoting hair growth. Massaging your scalp with it can give you thicker and longer hair.

Prevents Premature Graying

If your hair has started showing the first signs of graying, applying castor oil can prevent your hair from losing more pigment.

Conditions Hair

An answer to all hair woes, castor oil can be extremely helpful in treating dry and damaged hair.

Olive Oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Olive oil has been produced and used since time memorial. Archaeological findings of ancient mortars and presses used in the olive oil extraction are as old as 5000 BC or more. Ancient Minoans used olive oil for cleansing their skin. It was also used as a base for their perfumes, scents, and ointments. The modern olive tree is said to have originated from different locations in Ancient Greece, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.

Skin Cleanser

Olive oil is a good oil which pushes out all the bad oil from deep within skin pores. It also dissolves dead cells and drives out dirt, grime, germs and pollution stuck deep within skin pores. These contaminants clog pores and cause acne, whiteheads and black heads, if they aren’t removed.

Great Moisturizer

Olive oil contains healthy fatty acids that lubricates and softens rough skin. It plumps up dry skin cells with moisture, keeping skin soft supple and smooth. Use 2 drops of extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your face every day.

For Thick and Long Hair

Olive oil’s nutritive benefits include nourishing the scalp with vital nutrients including antioxidants that stimulate hair growth.

Conditions Hair

Olive oil is thick and helps seal hair cells with moisture, combating dry hair which is hard to untangle.

Remedy for Dry Skin

Olive oil is amazingly lubricating since it contains 100 per cent essential fatty acids. It is perfect for hydrating and moisturizing dry skin cells.

Soothes Sunburn

The phenophel compounds in olive oil offer protection and repair action against skin damage through sun exposure. Antioxidants such as tocopherol exist naturally in olive oil and help repair sun damaged skin.

Slow Wrinkles

Rich in anti-oxidants, olive oil protects your skin cells from oxygen-stealing free radical radicals. Free radicals are responsible for degenerating healthy skin cells by stripping them off of oxygen molecules. This causes skin cells to become dull and lifeless which ends up resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Free radicals also damage collagen and elastin which maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Avocado oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Avocado oil is a great tool for cooking flavorful and healthy meals. It’s an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. But have you ever considered using this delicious fruit to soothe and heal your skin?

The absorbent oil is thought to have numerous benefits for your skin, like moisturizing dry hands or acting as a natural sunblock. You can apply avocado oil directly to your skin or mix it with your favorite beauty products.

Benefits of Avocado oil for your Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong, and elastic. You can buy avocado oil in any health or grocery store and use it to:

  • calm itchy skin
  • heal chapped skin
  • replenish dry skin
  • hydrate and moisturize skin
  • shield skin from ultraviolet radiation
  • protect against skin damage

Some people may refer to avocado oil as an essential oil, but that’s not entirely accurate. Thick and green-colored, avocado oil is actually considered a carrier oil.

Essential oils are highly concentrated lubricants distilled from the aromatic parts of a plant such as a root or leaves. Carrier oils are pressed from the seeds, nuts, or other fatty parts of the fruit, and are used to help dilute essential oils. Essential oils evaporate and have strong scents, whereas carrier oils do not.

The main benefits of avocado oil are to soothe and add moisture, so it won’t work as well if you have oily skin. Using avocado oil won’t leave a lot of grease behind.

Jojoba oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Jojoba oil is indeed d a blessing as it is rich in important vitamins and minerals, including vitamins E and B-complex, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, and iodine. And guess what? It suits all skin types. It is light, non-sticky, odorless, and has a long shelf life.

Moisturizes Skin

Jojoba oil can make your skin soft and supple.

It has a high amount of ceramides, which cover the skin cells and are responsible for their hydration. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave behind any oil residue. This helps in creating a powerful barrier against moisture loss, allergens, and dust pollution. It moisturizes dry patches and restores the skin health.

Balances Oil Production In The Skin

Jojoba oil works well on oily skin too. It is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores. Jojoba oil stops the skin from secreting more oil on its own and balances oil production.

Can Be Used As A Body Oil

Jojoba oil can be applied not just on the face, but all over the body prior to bathing. It hydrates your body adequately, so you can safely skip using a body lotion after your bath. It is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and promotes blood flow, which will make your skin glow.

Makes Your Hair Shine

Jojoba oil works great as a serum and imparts a healthy shine to the hair.

Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth

Using jojoba oil for hair growth is an excellent way to provide that extra boost. Our hair secretes sebum or oil to keep it moisturized. Many times, excess sebum is secreted by the gland, which blocks the hair follicles. This leads to hair fall and hair breakage. The rate of hair growth is also adversely affected because of the clogged follicles.

Jojoba oil prevents hair loss and thinning caused by the clogged hair follicles. It dissolves and clears these blockages and promotes the development of new hair cells, which leads to hair growth

Helps In Maintaining Hair Color

If you have colored hair, apply jojoba oil on your hair before going for a swim. This will help close your hair cuticles and prevent harmful chemicals from stripping your hair color

Sweet almond oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Sweet almond oil is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. Remember when we called the almond small yet mighty? We weren’t kidding.

Thanks to the Vitamin E, sweet almond oil keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines.

The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin.

Vitamin A can help reduce acne. Because the oil easily penetrates the skin, it’s great for cleaning out the dirt and oil and accumulates in your pores. This process can prevent blackheads and acne from developing.

Because it’s packed with these vitamins and nutrients, sweet almond oil is a natural skincare superpower. If you’re worried about using oil on your skin—especially if you have oily skin—there’s no need to stress. Sweet almond oil is mostly non-comedogenic, which means it’s unlikely to clog your pores.

The benefits of sweet almond oil can be appreciated by those with oily, dry, and sensitive skin.

Benefits of sweet almond oil

Here are some skincare benefits of sweet almond oil.

  • It can lighten dark undereye circles
  • It can relieve sun exposure, eczema, and rashes
  • It’s a fantastic natural makeup remover
  • The zinc in sweet almond oil is great for healing brittle nails
  • Because many hair care products strip your hair of natural oils, sweet almond oil can help restore this protective barrier

Glycerin in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Pure vegetable glycerin is derived from plant seed oils like palm, coconut, or soy. Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant. When used with other natural oils and ingredients, it can seal in moisture on the top layer of our skin while the other oils work their way deep into our cells to provide long-lasting moisture.

Vegetable glycerin isn’t an additive that has no value. It actually helps your body attract moisture and sop up healthy ingredients.

Beard Oil with Gardenia improves Skin Elasticity

Excessive exposure to UV rays can deplete collagen levels in the skin and lead to significant skin damage.

Beard Oil with Gardenia gives You Smoother Skin

Glycerin will give you smoother looking skin without making it greasy or oily. Glycerin is a humectant – it draws moisture from the environment to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

Beard Oil with Gardenia improves Skin Elasticity

Excessive exposure to UV rays can deplete collagen levels in the skin and lead to significant skin damage. A study conducted in 2014 found that glycerin, along with other compounds, could maintain the skin’s elasticity levels and keep it youthful

Beard Oil with Gardenia is An Excellent Toner Skin

Glycerin can also be used as a toner for the skin. It is non-greasy, and hence, it can keep your skin toned and hydrated without triggering excessive sebum production.

Beard Oil with Gardenia prevents Photoaging

Glycerin is a common ingredient in most of the commercially available sunscreens as it helps prevent the extensive damage otherwise caused by the UV rays.

Beard Oil with Gardenia is Anti-Irritant

Glycerin is extremely gentle on the skin. As it is a plant-based substance, it is widely used for treating skin irritation, rashes, and itches.

Glycerin Improves Skin Permeability

Dehydrated skin (due to lack of moisture in your skin or dry weather) can lose its permeability.

Vitamin E in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Oxidative stress (A.K.A. when your body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to fight free radicals) is a major cause of the deterioration of your skin’s collagen layer. Since collagen keeps your skin looking supple and wrinkle-free, you want to stave off oxidative stress with antioxidants. That’s where sweet almond oil comes in.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It may help protect your cells from damage. This essential nutrient occurs naturally in many foods. It’s also available as a dietary supplement. Sometimes, it’s in processed foods. Vitamin E is fat-soluble. This means your body stores and uses it as needed.

The term “vitamin E” describes eight different compounds. Alpha-tocopherol is the most active one in humans.

Longer cell life

You’ve probably seen rust on your bike or car. A similar process of oxidation and accelerated aging takes place in your body when cells are exposed to molecules called free radicals. Free radicals weaken and break down healthy cells. These molecules may also contribute to heart disease and cancer.

Free radicals form as a result of normal body processes. They cause damage that shortens the life of your cells. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may help reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process of your cells, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Gardenia essential oil in Beard Oil with Gardenia essential oil 50ml.

Gardenia essential oil has a characteristic sweet smell that sees it feature as a prominent ingredient in perfumery and aromatherapy. Gardenia oil features in many lotions, perfumes, and candles


Gardenia essential oil is a strong bactericidal agent, which helps make it an effective remedy for treating bacterial infections like sepsis, tetanus, and others.


Gardenia essential oil is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit the formation of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. They can also help you reduce the risk of contracting cancer and purge damage-inducing toxins from the body. Antioxidants also play an important part in skin health and are responsible for reducing scarring and pigmentation


Gardenia essential oil is a purported aphrodisiac. It increases your passion.


Gardenia essential oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective remedy for treating inflammatory disorders like arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and intestinal inflammation.



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