PassionFruit rose aroma flavor in Natural Natural Lip Balm

Passion Fruit Rose is an interesting tasting lip balm. It has the sweetness of passion fruit yet the scent of rose. You really should try this lip balm its amazing!

This lip balm is smooth, long-lasting and moisture packed. Great by itself or over the top of your favorite lip stain.

More than only protecting your lips, this lip balm tends to their every need, moisturizing and smoothening them with natural oils and butter, giving them the loving tender care they yearn for.

You can even smell the graceful goodness, with the aromatic scent of the fruit, our Passionfruit & Rose Lip Balm has it all!

The Strawberry aroma flavor in Natural Lip Balm.

Strawberry lip balms are the most popular flavor amongst lip balms not just for their yummy taste but also for their healing anti oxidant qualities.

Strawberry flavor is truly mouth-watering! This flavor is oil-soluble and unsweetened, perfect for use in lip balms, lip glosses or lipsticks. It is made from all-natural flavor constituents. Artificial sweeteners are often added to lip balm flavors to give a sweet taste.